Carmarthenshire Mobile Home

We have recently secured a Certificate of Lawfulness for the siting of a mobile home in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

As a result of Covid-19, like many people, the applicants had been separated from their immediate families for extended periods of time. The applicant’s parents lived a 5 hour round trip away and were considering options to move them closer after the pandemic.

They all agreed that having their parents closer to themselves would be beneficial to them all. It is widely known that having a multi-generational home helps support the mental and physical well-being of elderly family members. Living as one unit also helps to spread costs, especially with the rapid rise in the cost of living over recent months.  Furthermore, with a new baby in the family, it will also ensure that the Grandparents can be close by to help with childcare, if needed.

In this case, the dwelling had a large garden and the family felt that the ideal solution would be an annexe within the curtilage of their dwelling. This allows everyone to retain their independence yet be close to family for daily needs and support.

A Certificate of Lawfulness for the siting of a mobile home are based on three main tests:

  • The size,
  • The mobility; and,
  • The construction

In this instance, we formulated a robust planning submission, comprising of a Planning Statement setting out the reasons the mobile home met the above tests and Carmarthenshire issued the certificate. The annexe is 95sqm and consists of a kitchen/dining/living area, a main bedroom, guest bedroom and study so the parents can live comfortably.

The build is starting shortly and they whole family are looking forward to celebrating Christmas together!

NAPC use a dual application technique to ensure the best chance of success for your project. If you’re considering building an annexe or siting a mobile home within your back garden, get in touch with one of our planning specialists today.


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