Peterbrough Granny Annexe

Planning success for a granny annexe in Peterborough

We recently secured planning approval for a 71 sq.m. granny annexe in Peterborough, Northamptonshire despite initial concerns from the case officer. 

The Issue wasn’t just the sheer size of the annexe and the level of facilities. After talking to the case officer, it became clear that a major stumbling point was the fact that the garden featured a side access. And this side access would mean the annexe could in theory become a separate dwelling – and not be ancillary to the main house, which would result in a refusal. 

We worked closely with the case officer and presented Case Law and appeal precedents to back up our ancillary argument. But vitally, we also took a flexible view and offered a compromise whereby the applicant block up the side access. This meant that the only access to the annexe would be through the main dwelling, thus reinforcing the ancillary nature of the annexe.

The Case Officer was happy with what was presented and supported the application without the need to compromise on the size o facilities proposed.

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