When will my Garden Room need planning permission?

It can be a lot to take on when you start a project, so it’s good to pre-plan and know what you’re up against early on.

When it comes to planning permission, garden offices and similar buildings are usually considered as Permitted Development, but in some circumstances planning permission is required.

This is where NAPC can come in and ensure your garden room or annexe are meeting the standards required.


Factors to consider:
  • Will your building be one storey high?
  • Will you be building in a conversation area?
  • Will the building be in your garden?
  • Will it occupy no more than 50% of the available ground space around your house?
  • What will the space be used for?

These are important factors to consider as it will determine whether planning permission is required or not.

If the building is designed to be self-contained and has the intention to be utilisied for everyday living, you may need planning permission.

However, if you are looking to build summer houses, log cabins or sheds for example, it may not be required if it falls within certain terms.

If you believe your build could fall in a conservation area, the size and height is large or will occupy more than 50% of surrounding ground space, please get in touch with a specialist.


The Importance

It is vital to speak to a professional within these cases. Sure you could go ahead and build, potentially could get away with it for a while, but what happens when you’re asked to pull this building down – what would happen to those living/using the space within?

Often NAPC’ cases are for applicants who are intending for their elderly parents to move into the annexe or those requiring additional care. Avoid concerns by speaking to NAPC today.


What can NAPC do if planning permission is needed?

If you have come to the conclusion that planning permission is required to allow your building to get the go ahead- NAPC can provide you with all the aspects required to make this happen.

For those who have never come across planning it can be an overwhelming experience, however NAPC are here to eliminate stress and produce successful outcomes.


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