Setting standards In the annexe industry

NAPC – driving excellence in the UK annexe and garden room industry

Garden rooms and annexes are more popular than ever. Indeed, they’re the go-to solution for those embracing multi-generational living or looking for an ultra-versatile space.

NAPC is here to ensure the highest standards of design, construction and delivery for all such projects.

We’re a specialist consultancy with a wealth of experience in annexes, mobile homes and garden rooms. And, working with both private and commercial customers, our nationwide service provides a complete range of planning, drawings and building control services.

What’s more, NAPC is here to offer advice on all aspects of building governance, so you can be sure your project meets all the legal and technical requirements demanded by planning law.



Setting the highest standards for our industry

The NAPC was established to ensure all annexe and garden rooms adhere to strict regulations and controls so that the reputation of the industry is maintained.

Indeed, planning standards for garden annexe buildings are just as stringent as those which apply to standard house builds, and it is our aim to make certain these standards are always achieved.

To this end, we recognise and support architects, designers, quality builders and suppliers who deliver to the NAPC standards so that they can be easily identified and trusted by customers.

By ensuring that consumers are informed of the potential risks and pitfalls involved in annexe and garden room building, we can help homeowners identify and avoid disreputable or inexperienced practitioners and tradespeople.

Our goal is to ensure annexe owners are protected financially and their health and safety assured, and best practice is shared to help professionals new to the market understand what it takes to build a quality annexe.

We've got the UK covered

The NAPC annexe planning consultancy has a truly nationwide presence.

Collectively, we’ve dealt with over 80% of all local planning authorities. That places us in a unique position since we understand what the local planning authority will expect to see in a planning submission. Not to mention any localised annexe or outbuilding policies they may have adopted.

Our experience has also enabled us to nurture excellent working relationships with case officers. This is vital for us to be able to work proactively during the application process to check and identify any required solutions – and ultimately ensure each proposal satisfies the development plan for a quick, delay-free approval.

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A complete suite of services

  1. Background – We begin by taking the time to understand your goals drawing on our expertise to develop the best approach to realise your project.
  2. Research – The first stage is to conduct a site appraisal to determine our design concepts, planning strategy and what the chances of a successful application are.
  3. Drawings – We can either draw up the required plans for you – feeding in our planning research and advising on designs – or work with your preferred draughtsman or architect.
  4. Planning application – We take time to prepare a quality planning application which includes a comprehensive planning statement justifying why the proposal is policy compliant. We are experts at preparing strong cases for granny annexes and garden rooms.
  5. Submission – Post submission, our work continues in monitoring responses and negotiating with the case officer, including guiding you through any changes that might be required.
  6. Outcome – Advise on any conditions and if in the unlikely event permission is refused we can advise on next steps, re-designs and handle any appeal.

Meet the team

We have a strong team of specialists looking forward to working on your project.

This team is led by Oliver Wright – our principal planning expert. Oliver has over 15 years’ experience in the planning industry, including experience with a national private planning consultancy, where he gained an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the development process

During that time Oliver was a retained consultant for several companies that specialised in developing modular buildings, annexes and garden structures. This enabled him to obtain an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the development process, from initial site assessments to practical completion on site, covering all sectors from residential and commercial projects.

Joss (MSc RTPI)

Joins NAPC as a senior planner. Joss has four years’ experience working in private planning consultancy and is a member of the RTPI. Joss has worked collaboratively on a variety of projects in different areas of planning, this has provided her with a broad knowledge bringing great experience in residential projects to the team .  Having joined NAPC in March, she has been focusing on initial site assessments and feasibility and the completion of householder planning applications and certificate of lawfulness for granny annexes and garden buildings.

Emily (BA Hons)

Emily trained and has worked as a professional performer obtaining a BA Hons Degree in Musical Theatre at the age of 19.

Emily has worked in the theatre cruise and promotional marketing industry since graduation – working with brands and companies including McArthurGlen, O2, National Express, Barclays, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Pepsi – promoting and marketing their brand values.

Emily was often first contact point for these Companies whether in person or via email or social media posting content and is pleased to continue with this with NAPC.

Emily loves the Promotional and Marketing Aspects of her career path and her personal aspirations will be to continue to bring her skill set, educational background and organisational ability to all roles.

Joe (MSc RTPI)

Joe joined NAPC as Graduate Planner in September 2022 after obtaining a BA Hons degree in Geography and more recently, an MSc degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Before becoming a town planner, Joe previously worked in customer service for companies such as Matalan and Marks & Spencer, providing exceptional service and customer relations. Since joining NAPC, he has largely been working on site reports and planning applications for granny annexes and aims to further develop his skills and knowledge to become a more experienced town planner.