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Looking to install a garden room at your property? Unsure about planning permission or building regulations for garden offices? NAPC offer a full advice service to get you set up and running with your new garden room.

The Rise of the Garden Room

Over the past few years, the garden room has seen a significant rise in popularity. Garden rooms, also known as outdoor rooms, are separate, insulated living spaces that are located in the garden of a property. These rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a home office, a gym, a music studio, a playroom for children, or simply as a space to relax and unwind.

One of the main reasons for the rise of the garden room is the increasing trend of working from home. With more and more people choosing to work remotely, there is a greater need for a dedicated workspace that is separate from the main living area of the home. Garden rooms provide a quiet and private space where one can work without distractions, while also enjoying the natural surroundings.

Garden rooms are also an attractive option for those who want to add extra living space to their property without having to go through the process of obtaining planning permission. In many cases, garden rooms can be built under permitted development rights, which means that they can be constructed without the need for planning permission, as long as certain criteria are met.

Garden Office Planning Permission

If you want to install a garden room, the one thing that may hold you back is the thought of planning permission. Often seen as complex and costly, people get scared off before their idea has even had the chance to fully get off the ground.

NAPC are here to demonstrate just how easy – and affordable, planning can be! In most cases, garden offices can be built under ‘Permitted Development’ rules. This means you don’t have to gain planning permission but what is ‘permitted’ can vary depending on the area you live in and what you want to build. It’s for this reason that we highly recommend you contact a planning specialist.

Planning specialists like NAPC, can assess your plans, your property and the relevant planning laws in your area. It is as simple as that – if you want to be 100% sure that your garden office won’t cause any issues further down the line, then it is worth spending just a little bit more money to ensure your building is lawful. NAPC also recommend obtaining a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) to avoid any future issues with your garden room. Fast and easy to obtain, an LDC comes in handy should you wish to sell your property in the future and need a way to prove your garden office does not require planning permission. An LDC can also help should any of your neighbour’s object to your garden office.

Contact NAPC today to discuss your garden room project and how we can help. Our professional, affordable services can be relied on to quickly get you the results and reassurance you need.

No matter what type of garden room you are planning on installing, we can help. We specialise in planning permission for prefabricated, modular buildings

Why Choose NAPC for your garden room planning application?

NAPC specialises in the niche area of planning regulations for garden rooms and other small buildings used for personal and family use. We have the benefit of many years’ experience in the planning industry that we put to use helping homeowners improve and add space to their properties.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers obtain permission and certificates for their projects, from annexes to garden rooms, protecting them from enforcement laws and giving them peace of mind.


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Garden Room

Looking to install a garden room at your property? Unsure about planning permission or building regulations for garden rooms?