Some of our successful planning projects

Examples of how we helped people gain planning permission

There’s nothing like an actual case study to show just how we help with the planning permission process. So we’ve compiled some short summaries of past projects to give you an insight into the way we work and the real value we bring. If you’re embarking on a garden room project, be sure to take a look. We think you’ll find it time well spent.



Carmarthenshire Mobile Home

95sqm Mobile Home Approval. Carmarthenshire, Wales.

West Sussex Granny Annexe

Worthing Granny Annexe

NAPC sealing approval for a Granny Annexe within the grounds of a Grade II Listed Building.

Romford Granny Annexe

NAPC recently secured planning permission for a granny annexe in the London Borough of Havering, despite a previous refusal for an annexe on the same site.

Tunbridge Wells Garden Room

Planning Permission Granted for a Garden Room in the grounds of a Listed Building in Tunbridge Wells

Wokingham Granny Annexe

Large-scale garden buildings can pose a big problem when seeking planning approval. As a result, many developers and homeowners limit their imagination and down-size their plans. But with NAPC on your side, even your most ambitious plans can become reality. In this example, we helped a Wokingham developer gain approval for a substantial granny annexe.

Peterbrough Granny Annexe

A strategic and pragmatic approach to gaining planning permission is the key to success. Our specialists pride themselves on their ability to think laterally to formulate the right solution. When a Peterborough homeowner faced planning refusal for a sizeable granny annexe in their garden, we quickly identified the real issue and worked with the case officer to propose an innovative answer.        

Hartlepool Granny Annexe

The planning process is seldom straightforward, and there are occasions when it’s important to show dogged determination in order to achieve success. When a family needed a granny annexe they were twice refused the option of including a kitchen in the building. But when this became a crucial requirement, we appealed and used all our experience and determination to secure approval.

Surrey Granny Annexe

A flexible approach can pay dividends when navigating the planning process. When a family needed an annexe for their handicapped mother, an otherwise straightforward application was severely complicated by issues around a protected tree and a misplaced fence. We took charge of the application, drawing upon our third party experts to resolve these matters for a successful conclusion.

Maidstone Granny Annexe

The planning process has become more treacherous than ever as a result of the prominence given to biodiversity and natural habitat issues. When a family needed a granny annexe, the local authority were concerned that the removal of mature vegetation which covered the garden would impact upon the habitat of nesting birds and bats. We developed a unique eco-plan to allay these fears, and planning permission was granted.

New Forest National Park Mobile Home

Gaining a Certificate of Lawfulness for any development in a National Park or Green Belt location is notoriously challenging. So when our client needed a detached annexe to their home in the New Forest National Park to support an elderly relative, we had our work cut out. Thinking laterally and drawing upon our many years of experience, we developed a strategy which resulted in our customer being granted permission for a self-contained detached garden home.