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Local Authority CPD Training

Local Authority CPD Training provides your Planning department the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the Caravan Act for Mobile Home and Garden Room development.

At NAPC, we understand the complexities these developments present for Local Authorities, ranging from whether an Annexe can be considered ancillary, to the legal tests for a Mobile Home conforming with the Caravan Act.

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Why use NAPC for CPD Training?

At NAPC we have over 15 years’ experience in outbuilding planning applications.  Our comprehensive CPD Training programs are designed specifically for planning professionals working for Local Authorities. Led by industry experts, these programs offer a wealth of benefits:

Enhanced Knowledge: Gain in-depth understanding of the latest regulations and best practices for annexe, mobile home and garden room planning, ensuring informed decision-making.

Debunking Myths: Review of Case Law and Appeal precedents to answer commonly asked questions.

Streamlined Processes: Equip your Planning team with the skills to assess the impact of Planning Applications correctly. Thus leading to faster and more efficient processing of applications. In turn this will help your Local Authority to avoid costly appeals

Invest in Your Team's Expertise

By partnering with NAPC for your Local Authority CPD training, you invest in the future of your planning department. This training empowers your team to handle annexe and garden room developments with confidence within an area of planning that is only increasing. NAPC can provide three CPD sessions, on ancillary annexes, mobile homes (Caravan Act) and garden rooms. This can be presented as a one-off on either of these topics or as a three-part series. Contact NAPC today to discuss a CPD training program tailored to your local authority's specific requirements.
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Contact one of our team today to discuss a CPD training program tailored to your specific requirements.


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Annexes are now a popular addition to many family homes to provide additional accommodation.

Mobile Home

NAPC provide a service to help you establish whether your mobile home meets the definition of a caravan and can apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness

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Looking to install a garden room at your property? Unsure about planning permission or building regulations for garden rooms?

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