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Why choose a mobile home

If you want to site a mobile home or caravan in your curtilage, most Local Authorities permit this provided the unit will not be used for commercial purposes, such as a holiday let.

NAPC provide a service to help you establish whether your mobile home meets the definition of a caravan and can apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness (COL) on your behalf.

The Caravan Act and how it applies to mobile homes and garden rooms

The Caravan Sites Act 1968 was introduced to protect the rights of caravan site occupants – which isn’t relevant to most homeowners, but Section 29 of the Act clearly defines what constitutes a caravan or mobile home.

In the eyes of the law, it’s surprising what can be classified as a mobile home – many prefabricated annexes and garden rooms available on the market today fit within the definition. This is great news for homeowners as it means in many cases, you don’t need planning permission to site one of these structures within the curtilage of your dwelling.

Certificate of Lawfulness

The Caravan Act Legislation can be quite confusing and with that Local Planning Authority (LPAs) may try to object to your building, especially if complaints have been received. A good way to avoid any issues further down the road is to have a planning consultant check your structure does indeed comply with the Caravan Act, doesn’t require planning permission, and apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness for you.

A Certificate of Lawfulness can be used to protect yourself should any complaints be raised. Although it isn’t a legal requirement it can be invaluable if you want to sell your home, your solicitor will almost certainly want to see a Certificate of Lawfulness for your mobile home. And if neighbours raise a complaint, you can have assurance knowing that the LPA agree the structure is lawful.

You can apply for a certificate yourself, you must also gather all supporting evidence yourself and prove your building doesn’t need planning. This sometimes isn’t as simple as it seems – your LPA can turn down your application if it isn’t presented correctly or your evidence isn’t strong enough.

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Our Service

NAPC specialises in the niche area of planning regulations for garden buildings and annexes. We’ve helped multiple customers obtain certificates for their mobile homes, protecting them from enforcement laws and giving them peace of mind.

Please get in touch (link to contact form) if you need help establishing whether your structure needs full planning permission or can be classed as a mobile home/caravan. We will assess your site and the structure you wish to build, check local planning laws and advise on next steps. We can also apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness (COL) on your behalf or full planning permission, should it be necessary.

Applying for a COL can also be done retrospectively – if you already have a structure or mobile home in your garden and are worried about planning laws, we can advise what steps to take next.

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