My Career in Annexe Planning: Diary Entry 1

career in annexe planning

Kickstarting My Career in Annexe Planning Hi everyone, I’m Joe! I recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Birmingham. Throughout my studies, I developed a strong interest in applying planning principles to create sustainable and functional spaces. Find out how I kickstarted my career in annexe planning […]

Buying a house with annexe potential

Buying a house with annexe potential

Buying a House with Annexe Potential: A Guide for Homeowners Thinking of buying a house with room for an annexe? This guide explores key factors like location, funding, accessibility, design, and size to consider before you buy. Buying a House with Annexe Potential: Plan for the Future The demand for annexes is on the rise, […]

When is an Annexe a Separate Dwelling?

when is an annexe a separate dwelling

Updated April 2024 When is an Annexe a Separate Dwelling? In this blog, we will help you to understand when an annexe becomes a separate dwelling in the UK. Are you thinking about adding an annexe to your property? Perhaps a granny annexe for extended family, or a dedicated workspace? While annexes offer exciting possibilities, […]

Granny Annexe Planning Q&A

Granny Annexe Planning - your questions answered

Granny Annexe Planning Q&A! We recently posted a Granny Annexe Planning Q&A on Social Media and received lots of questions. We know that whether you’re considering an annexe for ageing parents, adult children, or extra living space, navigating the annexe and mobile home planning application process can feel overwhelming. But fear not, we’ve got the […]


Annexes are now a popular addition to many family homes to provide additional accommodation.

Mobile Home

NAPC provide a service to help you establish whether your mobile home meets the definition of a caravan and can apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness

Garden Room

Looking to install a garden room at your property? Unsure about planning permission or building regulations for garden rooms?

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