Certificate of Lawfulness for Mobile Home in Green Belt

Certificate of Lawfulness for Mobile Home in Green Belt

NAPC has recently had a successful application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for the siting of a twin-unit mobile home for a client in Saint Leonards, Buckinghamshire. The location within the green belt, an area typically resistant to development, made this project a prime location for a Certificate of Lawfulness (COL) application instead of a traditional Householder Planning application.

Project Details and Outcome

Location: Saint Leonards, Buckinghamshire (Green Belt)
Development: Siting of a twin-unit mobile home
Application Type: Certificate of Lawfulness (COL)

Challenges of Green Belt Development

Green belt land is usually subject to much stricter planning regulations and policies. These aim to restrict development to safeguard the area’s openness, prevent urban sprawl, and protect the countryside. Obtaining planning permission for new developments within the green belt can therefore be challenging.

The Certificate of Lawfulness Advantage

The COL route offered a more streamlined approach to this project. Unlike full planning applications, COL applications don’t require a demonstration that the proposal aligns with local planning policies. Nor are they assessed against site constraints and land designations, such as the green belt. Instead, they focus on proving the structure falls within the legal definition of a caravan.

The application successfully demonstrated that the siting of the twin-unit mobile home complied with the relevant legislation for mobile homes. This included adhering to size limitations. Which is 20 meters long, 6.8 meters wide, and 3.05 metres internally high. Thus not creating a material change in the use of the land.

Due to the proposal’s compliance with the relevant legislation for mobile homes and caravans, the LPA approved the COL. This permitted the siting of the mobile home to proceed.


This case study highlights the benefits of considering a Certificate of Lawfulness application for siting a mobile home, particularly within sites that are subject to more challenging planning restrictions, such as the green belt.

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