Dual Planning Application Success

Dual Planning Application Success: Why Two Applications Are Better Than One

At NAPC, we understand the desire for additional living space. So submitting two annexe planning applications instead of one gives you double the chance of success. Below, we’ll share a recent client project located in Mid Suffolk. This application highlights the benefits of a dual application strategy for annexes – and the importance of staying adaptable.

The Client’s Vision: A Self-Contained Annexe


dual application

Our client envisioned a self-contained single-storey annexe at the bottom of their garden, allowing their family to move into the main dwelling.  To maximise their chances of approval, we recommended a dual application approach, which involves submitting two applications:

  1. Householder Planning Permission: The traditional route for an annexe.
  2. Certificate of Lawfulness for a Mobile Home: Applicable if the annexe meets mobile home criteria.

This strategy offered a safety net if one application encountered unforeseen challenges.

Policy Nuances and the Householder Application

During the planning process, a recently updated local policy emerged regarding annexes. The new policy introduced a criterion whereby the annexe would have to be designed to be integrated later into the main dwelling. Therefore, the Council believed there was a policy conflict as the annexe was detached. Rather than withdraw this application, we advised to take a refusal on the application, so there was the opportunity to test the new policy at appeal.

The Mobile Home Advantage

Fortunately, the mobile home application proved to be the winning approach. The annexe’s design adhered perfectly to the Caravan Act requirements. This demonstrates the value of exploring alternative solutions within the planning framework.

Our Key Takeaways for Successful Annexe Projects

This case study highlights the importance of a two-pronged approach:

  • Dual Applications: It provides a backup plan if one application encounters unforeseen hurdles.
  • Planning Expertise: NAPC can navigate complex policy landscapes and identify potential roadblocks before they derail your project.
  • Adaptability: Being open to alternative options, like mobile home specifications, can lead to a successful outcome.

By working collaboratively and adapting to policy nuances, we achieved the desired outcome – a functional and compliant additional living space.

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