Curtilage Extension & Granny Annexe

NAPC were instructed to provide planning advice to a couple intending to build an annexe within their garden, however, after NAPC carried out a feasibility study, it became apparent that the proposed siting was outside of the defined residential curtilage.

The ownership of the house extended to include stables and a paddock, and the applicant wanted to place the annexe partly within this paddock area. NAPC advised that this would require an extension to their residential curtilage to be able to place an ancillary annexe in their desired location. The site was located within open countryside and had no immediate neighbours.

NAPC suggested that a combined curtilage extension and annexe application was submitted to ensure the proposal had the best chance of success.

The annexe was desperately needed to provide accommodation for the applicant’s elderly parents, who required the support and care of their family.

Careful consideration was given to the design of the annexe due to its open countryside location. We ensured the size and scale remained subordinate to the main dwelling and the materials used assimilated into their surroundings. We submitted a robust and thorough Planning Statement, drawing on relevant Case Law and Appeal Precedents to put the best case forward.

After lengthy discussions with Northumberland District Council, the 65sqm annexe was approved, and our clients are looking forward to their family being closer to home.

If you want to place an annexe at your property but you’re unsure whether it will be within your residential curtilage, NAPC can provide a brief desktop study and can advise whether you will need a curtilage extension.


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