Planning Permission for a Shepherds Hut Air BnB

Planning Permission for Shepherds Hut Air BnB:

Unlocking Your Holiday Let Potential

Surrey, with its rolling hills and quintessential English charm, is a dream location for an Air BnB. But what if your dream involving a cosy Air BnB shepherd’s hut nestled in your garden becomes a planning permission nightmare? This case study explores how NAPC helped a client in Surrey secure planning permission for a shepherds hut Air BnB. Using a Certificate of Lawfulness for an Existing Use (CLEUD).

Planning permission shepherds hut Air BnB

Facing a Planning Hurdle

Our client, a homeowner in Surrey, had already been using a shepherd’s hut on their land as a holiday let. However, the Planning Enforcement team were investigating the use of the land, casting a shadow of uncertainty. To solidify the legal standing of the shepherd’s hut Air BnB, planning permission would be required.

Navigating the Path to Approval

NAPC stepped in to guide our client through the intricacies of planning regulations specific to Surrey. We determined that a CLEUD application could be the most efficient route, provided we could demonstrate the site’s legal use.

A Two-Pronged Approach for Success

  • Detailed Shepherds Hut Assessment:  We thoroughly assessed the location and shepherd’s hut, analysing its placement, size, and construction.   This ensured compliance with Surrey’s planning guidelines for outbuildings.
  • Gathering Historical Evidence: We diligently collected historical documents, photographs, and witness statements proving the use of the land as a holiday let for the required ten-year timeframe. This evidence aimed to address the concerns raised by the enforcement team.

A robust application for Your Shepherds Hut Air BnB

We compiled a comprehensive CLEUD application outlining the existing use of the land and the shepherd’s hut, supported by the gathered evidence. This ensured a clear and well-presented case for the LPA.


Success! Peace of Mind and Continued Use

Thanks to the meticulous preparation and strong evidence written in our CLEUD application, the Planning Authority granted our client’s request. This decision addressed the concerns raised by the enforcement team and allowed the client to continue operating their shepherd’s hut Air BnB with confidence.

Benefits of Working with NAPC for Your Cotswolds Shepherds Hut Air BnB

  • Resolving Planning Issues: The CLEUD application provided a clear path to resolving the potential enforcement issue, ensuring peace of mind for the client.
  • Streamlined Process: Working with a planning consultant ensures a faster and more cost-effective approach to securing planning permission for your shepherd’s hut Air BnB.
  • Unlocking Holiday Let Potential: Our client secured the necessary consent to operate their Air BnB, contributing to the thriving tourism industry in the Cotswolds.

Key Takeaways: Planning Your Shepherds Hut Air BnB

This case study demonstrates the value of seeking help from a professional planning consultancy.  Especially when navigating the complexities of planning permission for Air BnBs. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Early Intervention: If contacted by the planning enforcement team, seek expert advice to understand your options and potential consequences.
  • Gathering Evidence is Crucial: A strong CLEUD application rests on well-documented historical evidence proving established use.
  • Streamlining Success: Planning consultants can navigate the complexities of planning applications in the Cotswolds, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your shepherd’s hut Air BnB.


Planning permission for shepherds hut Air BnB

Unlocking the Potential of Your Land

Do you have an existing outbuilding or mobile home with Air BnB potential? Contact NAPC today. Our team of planning specialists can guide you through the CLEUD process and help you unlock the potential of your land for a successful shepherd’s hut Air BnB business.

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