Certificate of Lawfulness Approval for a Mobile Home in Cheshire

Certificate of Lawfulness Approval for a Mobile Home in Cheshire

This blog details NAPC’s Certificate of Lawfulness (COL) Approval on behalf of a client in Cheshire. The application sought approval for the siting of an 85 sqm, twin-unit mobile home.

Extended Processing Time

The application process took longer than usual at just over 8 months. This was due to two main factors:

• Backlog at Local Planning Authority (LPA): Cheshire West & Chester Council, the LPA for this project, was experiencing delays in processing applications. NAPC anticipated this based on previous experience and informed the client accordingly.

Scrutiny of Mobility Test: The key challenge arose from the LPA’s interpretation of the ‘mobility test’ defined in the Caravan Sites Act 1968. This test ensures the mobile home can theoretically be removed from the site, even though there’s no requirement for actual removal. NAPC addressed the LPA’s concerns by providing detailed structural calculations and methodologies demonstrating the mobile home’s removability.

Collaboration Leads to Successful Outcome

Through close communication and additional evidence to demonstrate the proposal’s compliance with the mobility test, NAPC was able to satisfy the LPA’s requirements. The council ultimately granted the COL, allowing the client to proceed with the mobile home installation.

Key Takeaways from this Case Study

This case highlights the importance of a thorough application process for COLs:

• Comprehensive Evidence: Providing sufficient evidence to support the application is crucial. A strong case with clear demonstrations of compliance ensures a smooth and informed decision by the LPA.

• Understanding Local Variations: Be prepared for potential variations in how LPAs interpret the relevant regulations. Working collaboratively with the LPA can address any concerns and expedite the process.

NAPC: Your Go-To Consultancy for Mobile Homes

If you are considering siting a mobile home on your property, and need a Certificate of Lawfulness Approval, NAPC can assist you throughout the process. We have extensive experience navigating COL applications and the complexities of the Caravan Sites Act.

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