Tree Root issues? No problem! Granny Annexe Approval in Surrey

Tree Root issues? No problem! Granny Annexe Planning Approval in Surrey

NAPC were instructed by the retained client iHus Annexe to provide planning consultancy services for the construction of a granny annexe. Their customer’s visually impaired Mother urgently needed to live close to her family to get the daily help she needed. The planned annexe was quite spacious, covering a total area of 100 sqm. 

tree root issues

Tree root issues and boundary issues 

NAPC prepared and submitted a thorough planning application to the Local Planning Authority (LPA).  However, the LPA’s Arboricultralist voiced concerns that the ground screws may harm the roots of a protected Cypress tree in a neighbouring garden. To compound matters further, the LPA highlighted that some of the rear gardens were not within their legal ownership.  We later discovered that this was due to a boundary fence being erected in the wrong location historically. 

Overcoming tree root issues

NAPC  drew up a mitigation strategy and next steps to avoid a refusal.  This included instructing a third-party Arboriculturist to undertake further investigations regarding the effect the LPA’s Arboriculturalist claimed would have on the Cypress tree.  We also requested advice regarding land ownership issues and the positioning of perimeter fencing. 

The independent Arboricultural Impact Assessment was carried out which confirmed that construction of the annexe as proposed, would only encroach marginally into the tree root protection zone of the protected Cypress tree

After some negotiation with the LPA’s Arboriculturist, NAPC reached agreement with iHus Annexe that alternative specialist foundations would be used. These foundations would limit any impact on the Cypress tree roots. This work would be overseen by the project Arboriculturist, in case any large tree roots were encountered. This would ensure the safe removal of any roots as required. 

Overcoming boundary issues

NAPC undertook additional due diligence into the cause of the boundary issues. Thus learning that during a recent development, a Developer had erected a new boundary fence to an adjacent piece of land.  This boundary did not follow the required positioning.  NAPC recommended re-positioning the annexe, and the boundary line on the planning drawings.  

A positive outcome – Permission granted!

Following the completion of the required changes planning permission was granted. Our long-term client and their customer were thrilled that construction could commence.

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