Garden Office Guide: Working From Home & The Hybrid Model

Your Guide to a Dream Garden Office, Work From Home Bliss!

The pandemic transformed work life, with many opting for remote working from a garden office. With a significant number choosing never to return to the office. In London, for instance, a study by Kings College London found nearly 75% of workers believe the old ways are gone.  The statistics speak for themselves. Eight in ten Londoners who work remotely at least one day a week see positive impacts. Topping the list is avoiding the commute (80%), followed by the ability to manage home and social responsibilities effectively (66%).

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The Hybrid Model Reigns Supreme in 2024

London particularly, embraces the hybrid model, with nearly two-thirds choosing this flexible arrangement. It allows employees to split their time between the office and remote work. And globally, a staggering 68% now prefer a hybrid work environment according to a recent study [Source: Statista, remote work statistics].

Hybrid Work: A Win-Win

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Increased flexibility can boost job satisfaction and work-life balance for many. It can also create more inclusive workplaces for those with disabilities.

A garden room is the perfect choice for many people craving a work environment that boosts focus and reduces stress. Surrounding yourself with nature throughout the workday has well-documented mental health benefits. Studies show exposure to greenery can lower anxiety and improve mood. A garden office offers a natural escape from the distractions of a busy household, or office, promoting concentration and a sense of calm. Plus, stepping outside during breaks for a breath of fresh air and a dose of sunshine can work wonders for your mental and physical well-being.

Don’t Get Caught Offside: Planning Permission for Your Garden Office

Many garden room providers offer installation, but planning permission might be necessary. This does depend on your Permitted Development rights. A recent case in the Henley Standard highlights the importance of this step. A homeowner built an office deemed too close to their neighbour’s property, resulting in its removal. The neighbour, grieving the loss of light in their late wife’s meticulous garden, was understandably upset.

NAPC: Your Garden Office Planning Partner

NAPC can help avoid such situations. Our experts will thoroughly investigate whether your garden office requires planning permission, ensuring your dream workspace becomes a reality.

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