The Care Home Alternatives

Growing older is one thing, but accepting you require additional support is another.

For most the thought of moving into a care home can prove unsettling, with the prospect of independence being taken away. Nowadays its not the only option.

Unfortunately as we are now fully aware, unprecedented times can creep up unexpectedly so it’s worth putting some more concrete plans in place.


For many moving away from their home is just simply not achievable, it could hold many memories. In this case adapting the home, whilst you still can, could be the way forward.

So how do I do this?

Installing stair lifts and grab rails are the most popular to add to your current dwelling. They can ensure assistance if your health and mobility alters. Furthermore, there is also a device that can track for consistent movement across a property, so this can also enhance your preparation.

Whilst this is a great option, this can only do so much with helping you on larger properties.


An option could be having an annexe sited within your own garden and a family member moving into it, they would then be on hand to provide the care and help you may need. Or you may move into the annexe yourself and the family member into the main house, this will ensure you stay in your home with the support available.

Down Size

Relocating to a property closer to your existing support network of family is a great alternative to getting the support required when the time comes. Therefore moving into a smaller property like a granny annexe can decrease the pressures of maintaining the up keep of the larger dwelling.

Of the 12.3 million UK residents over the age of 65, around 3.1 million feel like they’ve got to ‘stay put’ in their current housing arrangement – so it might be worth having a discussion family members to ensure they’re aware of the options.

Here at NAPC, we can work with you to create a personalised planning statement to submit to the local authority providing them with the reasoning behind the build.

Private Care

Home Care Agencies or Private Carers is a great way to continue life at home. The service is typically tailored to suit your needs to allow as little disruption to your life as possible. Carers could assist on a full time basis or a few hours weekly.

However, this can be an expensive alternative due to the high demand needed for carers.

An annexe is also an excellent way to house a live in carer who could be a family member, they will then able to easily to provide the care when required.

What NAPC Can do…

We take great pride in assisting people in gaining approvals for Granny Annexe builds.

Here at NAPC, we are happy to assist families to gain the approval of annexes that will improve your quality of life drastically.

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Get an answer quicker with a Feasibility Study

A one-off Feasibility Study (from £99) will equip you with crucial planning insight about the area you’re planning to site your Annexe or Garden Room. So if you pursue your application, you have the best chance of success. 

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