Life as a Graduate Planner – Diary Entry 4

Life as a Graduate Planner

In this blog, Joe talks us through life as a Graduate planner. As well as what he’s been working on, and how he feels his skills have been developing. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Joe and watching his skills bloom over the last several months.

Graduate Planner

My confidence levels have grown

My planning skills improve with every new application I handle. Although not all annexe applications have been approved, the majority of them have passed successfully under my supervision. I take great pride in my work, especially in difficult applications that require more time and consideration to avoid denied planning permission.  I have gained a wealth of varied and interesting experiences so far.

Working on a wide variety of projects

A project I was working on in South Somerset involving an annexe and mobile home applications experienced significant delays due to the council’s backlog of applications. I made a concerted effort to keep my client updated on progress.  After a 5-month delay the council approved both applications. We were thrilled to inform the client that they could now enjoy their own granny annexe and embrace multi-generational living.

Providing solutions and problem-solving

Located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the site for a mobile home in Wiltshire posed challenges for obtaining planning permission due to objections raised by residents and the local parish council. However, a responsive statement was crafted to address concerns and suggested potential compromises, ultimately leading to the approval of the application.

Receiving commendations

The challenges posed by certain applications have enabled me to continually develop as a graduate planner, and I have received praise from coworkers, which is gratifying. In the six months I have been at NAPC, I am proud of my career progress and anticipate further growth. I am also now a Licentiate member of the RTPI, which allows me to work towards my chartership and ultimately become a fully chartered town planner.

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