Life as a Graduate Planner – Diary Entry 3

Following my first few months as a Graduate Planner at NAPC, I feel I have really made good progress in my career and in developing my skills and knowledge as a planner.

My biggest achievement so far at NAPC would have to be my first set of approvals for planning permission for annexes and for mobile home certificates of lawfulness in various district councils across the UK, which I am very proud of. The planning process can be a long process at times, so it is very pleasing when an application is approved by a council – it is a good feeling knowing that another family are able to help a dependent relative by securing permission to build an annexe.

I am growing in confidence and ability as I continue my career at NAPC, and I am looking forward to having many more approvals for planning permission and certificates of lawfulness. I believe I am learning each day I go in to work and gaining invaluable knowledge and skills which will help me in my career as a planner.

In December, I had the pleasure travelling up to Doncaster to visit the headquarters of our biggest client iHus and meet the employees there, who I have already been in contact with since I have started at NAPC. We were invited to their end of year review where we were shown some of the key achievements of the company this year, including seeing some of the clients who have had annexes installed. It was nice to be reminded of the impact that both companies have on improving people’s lives and allowing them to live more comfortably, which is what I strive for as a town planner and aim to continue to do throughout my career.