Planning Permission on Green Belt Land
Firstly – What is the Green Belt?

Green Belt is mainly identified as a ring of designated land of differing widths around some major cities.

For instance, land around Oxford in Oxfordshire or the Metropolitan Green Belt that surrounds London.

Within the Green Belt all development is considered inappropriate and therefore harmful and is usually resisted.

The Overall Aim of the Green Belt

The Green Belt Policy is in place to stop urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open.

It’s rare to see new developments within the Green Belt, but there a few exemptions to what is considered inappropriate development and other routes you can take to secure your proposal.

Exceptions to Inappropriate Development
  • The extension of an existing building (as long as it is not a disproportionate addition compared to the existing dwelling, outbuildings are considered “extensions”) The LPA will have a strict policy on this and will more than likely dictate the percentage you can extend.
  • Resources for outdoor sport and recreation
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Replacement of an existing building that is not larger
Permitted Development Rights

If your property lies within the Green Belt, it doesn’t mean you always need planning permission, you may still be able to benefit from Permitted Development Rights.

Your right to extend your building using permitted development rights without needing to make an application to you LPA aren’t restricted in the Green Belt – unless you are also within a National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Areas.

How can NAPC help you gain planning permission?

NAPC can provide guidance on what the best route will be to secure planning permission for your garden room or annexe in the Green Belt.

When it comes to the Green Belt each property, site and local planning policy is unique, therefore, there isn’t any hard rules to go by – but with NAPC’s 15 years’ experience and having worked with 250+ local authorities, we are able to provide you with reliable and professional advice.

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