Do I need annexe planning permission in the Green Belt?

Annexe Planning Permission in the Green Belt

Are you a homeowner and want to build a granny annexe or garden room but live in the Green Belt?
If the answer is yes, you may be concerned about the impact that living in the Green Belt can have on your planning application. This blog covers how you can overcome some of the potential challenges when trying to obtain annexe planning permission in the Green Belt.
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What is the Green Belt and how will it affect my ability to get planning permission?

A common misconception is that Green Belt is there to protect the natural and cultural character of the landscape. Much like an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). However, this is not the case.  The Green Belt has been designated to prevent urban sprawl around some major urban areas. Examples of Green Belt include the Metropolitan Green Belt around London and the Birmingham Green Belt. Development in the Green Belt is usually heavily resisted by most councils and Local Planning Authorities (LPA). Any developments that are approved in the Green Belt must adhere to any local and national planning authorities.  In addition, any approved development must comply with local and national policies and be deemed appropriate by the LPA.

To read more about the Green Belt in England and why it exists, click here.

Map of England’s Green Belt areas

Map of england green belts

Are Annexes considered to be an acceptable development in the Green Belt?

Usually, proposed developments within Green Belt land are regarded as inappropriate. As they can result in urban sprawl, negatively impacting openness. However, there are exceptions to what is considered inappropriate development. This includes the extension of an existing dwelling, as long as the extension is not disproportionate. Outbuildings are considered to be an extension of the dwelling albeit detached.

Granny annexes are also usually supported by a strong personal need by householders. This can be a weighty material consideration in the determination of the planning application. This can help tip the planning balance in your favour.

Permitted Development Rights in the Green Belt

If you live in the Green Belt, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot benefit from Permitted Development Rights (PDR). However, your project must still comply with all the conditions set out in part 1, Class E of the GPDO.  This relates to outbuildings within a residential curtilage.    It is always worth checking with a planning professional such as NAPC to ensure that your proposal can be considered permitted development.

For a full explanation of PDR, click here.

How NAPC can help you gain planning permission in the Green Belt

At NAPC we regularly deal with planning applications for annexes in the Green Belt. Our team have over 30 years of experience and works with multiple Local Planning Authorities across the country. We can provide guidance and undertake a feasibility study if you live in the Green Belt and want to build an annexe or garden room.

Certificate of Lawfulness application

If your planning application is resisted by the LPA, or you are unsure if a planning application is the best way forward, read on.  We can also offer a Certificate of Lawfulness application for a mobile home. This can often be a more successful alternative to a householder planning application.  Especially if the Green Belt is causing your application to be resisted by the LPA. This is because the stringent Green Belt planning policies do not apply to mobile homes.

To find out more about Certificate of Lawfulness applications, read another blog in our News section, by clicking here.

Whilst each site and LPA are different, our aim at NAPC is always to provide you with the most professional and reliable advice. Whilst your home being in the Green Belt may lead to challenges in gaining planning permission, do not lose hope. Our team of expert planners will always ensure that we explore all available options to help you achieve permission for your granny annexe or garden room.

If you live in the Green Belt and would like us to advise you on how you can achieve planning permission for your annexe, please contact us and one of our planners will be happy to advise you further.

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UPDATED August 2023

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