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An Annexe Feasibility Study will equip you with crucial planning insight about the area you’re planning to site your Annexe or Garden Room. So if you pursue your application, you have the best chance of success. 

Benefits of an Annexe Feasibility Study:


£ 250 +VAT
  • Thorough review of site planning history and precedents
  • Site Specific Planning Constraints
  • In-depth Desktop Evaluation Study
  • PDF Report
  • Tree & Topography Study
  • Flood Risk Identification
  • Indication of appropriate Annexe size

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Further reading

To find out more about planning law and why it is important, visit the Planning Portal website. They have an interactive guide on rules pertaining to outbuildings here. 

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Annexes are now a popular addition to many family homes to provide additional accommodation.

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NAPC provide a service to help you establish whether your mobile home meets the definition of a caravan and can apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness

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Looking to install a garden room at your property? Unsure about planning permission or building regulations for garden rooms?

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