Does your Teenager Need More Space? Consider a Teenage Annexe

Does your Teenager Need More Space?

Consider a Teenage Annexe to give them the independence they need
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The housing market is tough for young adults. With rising property prices and cost of living, saving for a deposit can feel impossible. This is where a teenage annexe comes in.

What is a Teenage Annexe?

A teenage annexe is a self-contained living space built in your garden, perfect for your growing child. It offers them the privacy and independence they crave while keeping them close to home. And giving you all some much-needed space!

Benefits of an Annexe

  • Save for a deposit: An annexe lets your teenager live at home while saving for their own home. This is especially important in today’s market where property prices are soaring.
  • Promote independence: Teenagers crave independence. An annexe provides a space for them to learn responsibility and life skills like cooking and laundry.
  • More space and privacy for Everyone: Teenagers can be loud! An annexe creates a separate living area, giving everyone in the house more space and privacy.
  • Potential investment: Studies show annexes can increase property value by 20-30%. It’s a great investment for the future.
  • Potential for multigenerational living: Maybe you envision living with your child in the future. An annexe can be designed for flexibility, adapting to your family’s needs.
  • Reduced cost of living: Compared to renting an apartment, an annexe can be a more affordable option for your teenager.


Planning Permission for Your Teenage Annexe

Building an annexe can be a great way to give your teenager the independence they crave while keeping them close. If you’re thinking about building one in your garden and don’t know where to start, speaking to a planning professional will help you to get the application submitted smoothly. Our friendly, expert team have over 15 years of knowledge in annexes and garden room planning so can help you find the approach that works for you.

Building a teenage annexe is an exciting way to provide your child with more space and independence, but navigating the planning permission process can feel overwhelming. Planning is a common concern for homeowners considering annexes.  The rules can be complex and vary depending on your location. Here’s where we can help.

Our planning team can guide you through the intricacies of getting planning permission. In some cases, we recommend making a dual planning application for a Certificate of Lawfulness using the Caravan Act, as well as a full planning application. Read more about this below.

Our team has a proven track record of securing approvals for teenage annexes. We’ll handle the entire application process for you, including:

  • Provide you with an initial free of charge Consultation
  • Advise on a suitable size and location of the annexe
  • Liaise with your Local Planning Authority (LPA)
  • Prepare a comprehensive application
  • Addressing any potential concerns with your LPA

By working with us, you can ensure your application is as watertight as possible, maximising your chances of approval.

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The Caravan Act – Everything you need to know


Dual Planning Application Success: Two applications are better than one!


Get an answer quicker with a Feasibility Study

A one-off Feasibility Study (from £99) will equip you with crucial planning insight about the area you’re planning to site your Annexe or Garden Room. So if you pursue your application, you have the best chance of success. 

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