Annexe Planning Team gets new Principal Planner

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On behalf of our team at NAPC, we are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Richard, our newest member. We are thrilled to have Richard join us as Principal Planner, bringing his extensive experience to our Annexe planning team. Richard’s background Richard has an impressive background in Planning which makes him an invaluable addition […]

What is curtilage?

what is curtilage

Introduction In this blog we’ll explain what is curtilage. It is useful to understand the definition of this term when planning an annexe or mobile home in your garden.  This knowledge will help you to understand which part of your garden, or land you can use to build an annexe, and which you cannot. What […]

How to write a good planning statement

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Introduction This blog explains how to write a good planning statement. This will be useful when building an annexe or mobile home and submitting your own application.  Submitting and obtaining planning permission yourself can be complicated. So it is important to understand the requirements for success. A key element of the submission is the planning […]

What to do when your planning application is refused

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Introduction Welcome to this week’s blog; What to do when your planning application is refused. First of all, don’t worry, it does not mean it is the end of the road for your planning application. Read on to find out more. What to do when your planning application is refused First and foremost, have the […]

Life as a Graduate Planner – Diary Entry 4

In this blog, Joe talks us through what he’s been working on and how he feels his skills have been developing over his time with us. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to  know Joe and watching his skills bloom over the last several months. My confidence levels have grown Every day I am becoming more competent […]

Life as a Graduate Planner – Diary Entry 3

Following my first few months as a Graduate Planner at NAPC, I feel I have really made good progress in my career and in developing my skills and knowledge as a planner. My biggest achievement so far at NAPC would have to be my first set of approvals for planning permission for annexes and for […]

Annexe planning permission in an AONB

Getting planning permission to build an annexe in your garden if you live in an AONB can be notoriously difficult. Objections from local residents and concerns on how your development will impact the beauty of the AONB can lead to the refusal of a planning permission application. Leaving families out of pocket and unable to […]

Learn more about Joss

Due to NAPC being a small but mighty team, we thought we would use our blog page as an opportunity to learn about our employees’ lives away from work. Plus sometimes it is nice to talk about something other than planning. Starting with the 2nd member to have joined NAPC, Joss Muir who is a […]

The Caravan Act – what do you need to know?

With NAPC using a dual application approach to our planning applications, the Caravan Act will be a term that will come up. NAPC’s planning success rate stands at 93%,  however, the dual application approach provides two chances of success. In addition,  if the Certificate of Lawfulness (mobile home application)  is likely to be approved this […]

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