Covid-19 and the rise of the granny annexe

The UK is experiencing a boom in granny annexe building. It’s a trend that’s been accelerated by the Covid pandemic which has, for months at a time, made visiting and caring for ageing family members impossible. The thinking now is to futureproof the family through multi-generational living, whereby reliant parents can still live independently whist enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that help from the family is within easy reach. The granny annexe is the perfect solution…

The granny annexe is enjoying a “colossal” pandemic-inspired boom, as many families turn to multi-generational living.

The events of recent years have focused many people’s minds on the family. With a raft of national lockdowns, local restrictions and differing tier systems, it’s become far more difficult at times to freely meet with family or provide care and support to ones who you love.

With care homes also being off limits, this has left the ones who we care for lonely and without the association and care they need.

Therefore, families have looked at how they can futureproof and live as a multi-generational family.

With a measure of independence and space a must, many homeowners have turned to garden annexes. These contain all the facilities required for the occupants to have a measure of independence whilst also knowing they have the support of their family on hand if needed

This has seen a boom in this type of development. Aviva Insurance, for instance, reported that almost one in 10 homes in London now has some form of granny flat or annexe, while another 12 per cent of owners say they currently have plans to develop one.

Almost one in 10 homes in London now has some form of granny flat or annexe, while another 12 per cent of owners say they currently have plans to develop one. Aviva Insurance report

The benefits of a granny annexe can include in-home child care, companionship, lowered cost of living, and less reliance on state care or nursing home provision. But, more importantly, there’s the peace of mind of knowing that if and when care is needed, it can be readily provided within the family and household.

Annexes can take the form of being attached to the existing house or detached buildings located within your garden, and can add value to your property. The demand is such that the right buyer requiring a separate space within or alongside a house, is likely to pay a premium of around five to 10 per cent compared to the same amount of space that does not have a self-contained element.

However, if your garden annexe is to contain sleeping accommodation you will need to obtain planning permission from your local planning authority.

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