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The desire to care for ageing loved ones while fostering closer family bonds makes multi-generational living an increasingly popular choice. But converting your property to accommodate them often requires adding an annexe or mobile home. And if you don’t know how to write a good annexe planning application, your dreams can turn into a stressful nightmare. Keep reading to find out how you can write your application with our help, for less than our standard consultancy fees.

Making multigenerational living a reality by being smart with your annexe planning application

Facing financial hurdles

Many families transitioning to multi-generational living face financial constraints, in the planning and building of their annexe. So paying for planning consultancy fees can feel out of reach, adding yet another hurdle to an already emotional and practical challenge.

Empowering families, one pro-forma planning application at a time

This is where our pro-forma annexe planning application document becomes your family’s secret weapon. Developed by qualified planners, it empowers you to take control of the process, making your multi-generational dreams possible. Click here to find out more.

Ditch the jargon and embrace clarity

Forget navigating the labyrinth of planning regulations and laws. Our pro forma annexe and mobile home planning application document uses clear, easy-to-understand language, guiding you step-by-step through the application process. Even without prior planning knowledge, you can confidently explain your project to ensure it aligns with regulations.  Click here to find out more about how it works.

More than just a template

It’s true, you won’t have a dedicated planner holding your hand through every question. But you’ll gain access to valuable support resources to empower your journey:

Detailed Tutorial

Dive into a step-by-step video tutorial narrated by one of our planners. Learn how to confidently upload your completed document to the Planning Portal, ensuring everything is submitted correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access a curated list of FAQs and clear, concise answers. Gain a deeper understanding of specific sections of the document or common planning concerns.

Making Dreams a Reality

Imagine creating a safe and comfortable space for your elderly relatives in your garden, fostering closeness and reducing loneliness, while maintaining independence and reducing financial strain.  Our pro forma planning application document makes this dream a reality, increasing your chances of securing planning permission for:

    • Annexes built specifically for multi-generational living including sleeping accommodation, and/or a kitchen or bathroom
    • Mobile homes can also be used as ancillary accommodation utilising the Caravan Act – read our blog explaining this planning act here
    • Garden rooms can be used for a variety of uses from entertaining spaces to home gyms or garden offices


Building bridges between generations shouldn’t be reserved for those with deep pockets. Take control of your multigenerational living dream with our pro forma planning application document and its accompanying support resources. Contact us today and let’s navigate the path to approval together.

Further reading

Learn more about our pro-forma annexe planning application document here.  It can also be used for garden rooms and mobile homes. Leaving no planning stone unturned.

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A one-off Feasibility Study (from £99) will equip you with crucial planning insight about the area you’re planning to site your Annexe or Garden Room. So if you pursue your application, you have the best chance of success. 

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