Life as a Graduate Planner – Diary Entry 1

My name is Joe and I have just completed my first month as a Graduate Planner at NAPC. I recently finished my MSc degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Birmingham. Since the summer, I have been looking for graduate roles relating to town/urban planning.

I wanted to work in a role that would allow me to demonstrate the skills and knowledge I gained from my degree. When came across the opportunity at NAPC for a graduate planner on LinkedIn, I thought this role would be ideal.

After applying, I was soon offered an interview with the company’s Managing Director Oliver. Following my interview, I was offered the role of Graduate Planner which I very happily accepted. I started working at the company on 12th September and have now been here for just over a month.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new role here and I am learning more about both the job and planning industry with each day that comes.

I decided wanted to go into planning as a career during my second year of my undergraduate degree in Geography at Edge Hill University, where I studied a module on urban and rural development, which incorporated elements of planning.

I found this very fascinating, and it was one of my stronger modules in my degree, so I considered that planning would be a viable career option for me.

This led me on to study my master’s degree in Urban Planning, where I studied various aspects of planning such as planning law, urban regeneration and urban property development, as well as my dissertation which I wrote on the practicalities of sustainable living on the route towards a net-zero society.

This eventually led me on to my first town planning role with NAPC as a graduate planner.