Estate Agents are recognising the boom in annexe popularity

An annexe offers many opportunities. More and more buyers are looking for space for home working or independent living accommodation for family members. Where planning permission has been obtained these properties may also generate valuable rental income from holiday rental or traditional tenants.” – Sarah Holgate , Hoobs Parker Estate Agents.

We are experiencing a vital change in the way we live. Multi-generational living is on the rise and the property industry is recognising this shift.

Why is there interest and growth in multigenerational living?

There are a number of factors, however, we recognise the below to be the main contributors.

  • Life after the global pandemic
  • Cost of properties plus their availability
  • Cost of care
  • Preferences with care
  • Cost of living
  • An additional income stream

The recognition in the real estate industry

Rightmove, the UK’s largest online real estate portal and property website, discovered home searchers searching for ‘outbuilding’ was up by 90% compared to last year,  and the term ‘annexe’ was up by 89%.

This leading website features an option to filter homes that currently have an annexe.

But this isn’t all, leading providers such as Zoopla and Yopa have released articles specifically on homes perfect for multigenerational living, or homes with annexes.


Valuation Office Agency reported a recent 39% increase in the number of granny annexes alone and in the past two years there has also been a corresponding increase in the number of applications for mortgages for properties with annexes.


Work From Home still proves to be popular

It is widely recognised that work-from-home became popular throughout the pandemic and hybrid working continues to be a preferred way of working for many.

Within the months of June and October last year 28% more, new properties came to the market compared to the same period year and there was an annual jump of 326% in listings that mentioned terms such as ‘working from home ‘office’ ‘workspace’ in the property description.

Building an annexe or garden room could be an easy fix for working space or for multifunctional use.

Recognition within Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies have also recognised the popularity of this way of living, publishing various reports on the topic.

From the ‘How We Live’ Executive Report published in 2021 statistics shown were:

  • 60% of UK adults say they have older relatives living at a different address
  • 33% of this cohort say they would consider living in the same home as them
  • 45% of under – 35’s feel comfortable about living with more mature members of their family.
  • 55% would buy a new home to accommodate the extended family.


Realise the opportunity of multigenerational living. Want to know more? Check out our previous blog


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