Romford Granny Annexe Approval After Previous Refusal

Romford Granny Annexe Approval After Previous Refusal

Navigating the planning process for a Romford granny annexe approval can be complex. 

If you are looking for a comfortable and independent living solution for your elderly loved ones in Romford, read on. A granny annexe can be the perfect answer, allowing older family members to maintain their autonomy while staying close to family for support. 

This is exactly what one client faced after a previous refusal for their Romford granny annexe. NAPC helped them overcome the initial setback and secure the much-desired planning permission.

Understanding the Previous Rejection

The initial application for the Romford granny annexe was unfortunately rejected due to concerns regarding its size and perceived separation from the main dwelling. The Local Planning Authority (LPA) felt it would overdevelop the garden space.

NAPC’s Approach to Success

NAPC carefully reviewed the previous application and worked closely with the client to develop a revised plan that addressed the LPA’s concerns while still meeting their needs. Here’s how we achieved this:

  • Balancing Space and Scale: While maintaining functionality for the client’s mother, we recommended a slight reduction in the overall floor area. To compensate for this, we suggested increasing the height of the annexe, creating a more spacious feel.
  • Addressing Functional Concerns: We presented a strong case to the planning authority, demonstrating how the annexe design fostered close family connections even with a separate entrance.
  • Comprehensive Planning Statement: Our detailed planning statement provided compelling arguments, backed by relevant appeal decisions and case law. This clarity and support for our claims impressed the Case Officer.

Positive Outcome: Granny Annexe Approved!

Thanks to NAPC’s proactive approach and robust planning statement, the LPA recognised the merits of the revised application. They agreed that the addressed concerns no longer posed a barrier, and granted planning permission. The client’s Romford granny annexe is now moving forward in the building process and is on track for completion by summer.

Facing a Granny Annexe Refusal?

If you’ve encountered a planning refusal for a granny annexe or garden room in Romford, don’t give up! Contact NAPC’s expert team. We can assess the reasons for refusal and develop a strategic approach to help you achieve your goals.

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