Listed Building Annexe Approval: NAPC Helps Client Overcome Refusal

Listed Building Annexe Approval! 

The Project: Addressing Refusal for a Listed Building Annexe

Obtaining planning permission for an annexe on a listed building presents unique challenges. NAPC’s recent success story in West Sussex demonstrates how our expertise can navigate these complexities and secure approval, even after a previous refusal.

Our client initially faced rejection for a proposed timber granny annexe on their Grade II Listed Building. The council’s concerns centred on the annexe’s size, location, and potential negative impact on the listed building’s setting. Read on to find out how we turn a refusal into a listed building annexe approval.

NAPC’s Strategic Approach

NAPC meticulously evaluated the council’s objections and devised a comprehensive strategy to overcome them:

  • Reduced Scale and Layout: We recommended a significant reduction in the annexe’s footprint, from 48.6 sqm to 37.5 sqm. Additionally, the elimination of a second bedroom ensured a more manageable and sympathetic addition.
  • Enhanced Siting: The annexe’s location was strategically adjusted to increase its distance from the western boundary, further minimizing potential disruption to neighbouring properties.
  • Improved Design Integration: NAPC proposed incorporating native hedging along the north and western borders. This landscaping element would not only enhance the visual integration with the surrounding environment but also promote biodiversity. Furthermore, a bat box was strategically placed on the annexe to support local wildlife.
  • Compelling Narrative: A personalized letter was included in the application, outlining the client’s specific circumstances and the urgent need for the annexe to accommodate their elderly parents’ evolving care requirements.

A Successful Outcome

Through a combination of these strategic adjustments and a well-prepared planning application, NAPC effectively addressed the council’s initial concerns. This resulted in a successful outcome – the much-desired planning permission for the annexe.

NAPC: Your Partner in Listed Building Annexes

If you are considering an annexe project for a listed building and require expert guidance, NAPC is here to assist you. Our team of experienced professionals possesses more than 15 years of experience in annexe planning regulations and the nuances associated with listed buildings. We can assess your project, develop a strategic approach, and guide you through the entire planning application process. Read on to learn more about Listed Building Annexe Approvals below. Or check out our projects page


Granny Annexe in garden of Listed Building

Annexe planning permission for listed building in conservation area

Planning permission in New Forest National Park for a mobile home



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