BBC Panorama Mobile Home Swindle

BBC Panorama Mobile Home Swindle: Highlights the importance of proper planning permission for mobile homes

In this blog, we’ll delve into The BBC Panorama Mobile Home Swindle and the importance of obtaining the correct planning permission to avoid legal and financial pitfalls.

In today’s news, the BBC Panorama Mobile Home Swindle uncovered some troubling stories.  Seemingly, individuals were deceived into purchasing mobile homes on holiday parks under false promises of year-round residency. This revelation not only sheds light on the ethical concerns within the industry but also serves as a valuable lesson for those considering the installation of mobile homes in their residential gardens. Particularly for use as annexes.

Lesson 1: Clarify Planning Permissions

The stories shared by victims in the Panorama investigation highlight the consequences of unclear or misrepresented planning permissions.  It is crucial to verify and understand the regulations governing mobile homes, before placing them in your garden. Mobile homes within a residential garden should be used in an ancillary way. This also means they cannot be rented out or used as a separate dwelling.

Lesson 2: Beware of Misleading Information

Buyers in the Panorama report were misled by salespersons who falsely promised year-round living in holiday parks. Similarly, individuals looking to install mobile homes in their gardens must be cautious about misleading information that is rife online. Always cross-verify information from reputable sources such as NAPC who specialise in all things mobile homes and who can ensure you are making informed decisions.

Lesson 3: Double-Check Covenants

Buyers signed contracts stating mobile homes were for holiday use only, due to conditions and covenants attached to planning permission. Despite being verbally promised full-time residency. When looking to site a mobile home within your garden or use one as an annexe, carefully review and understand the terms outlined in your property deeds or within any planning permissions. Seek legal counsel if any aspects are unclear or seem contradictory.

Lesson 4: Research the Mobile Home Provider

Knowing the background and reputation of the mobile home provider is essential. During the Panorama investigation, some site owners were accused of misleading buyers. They also resorted to threats when complaints arose. Similarly, individuals considering mobile homes as annexes should research the credibility of the mobile home provider, planning agent and any relevant authorities involved. This due diligence can help avoid dealing with unscrupulous individuals or organizations.

Lesson 5: Learn from Legal Disputes

Panorama’s investigation revealed instances where mobile homes were sold without correct planning permission. This unfortunately led to legal disputes and potential evictions. If you own a Mobile Home or are thinking of purchasing one, please read and learn from these cases and be aware of the legal implications surrounding mobile home installations. Ensure your property complies with all necessary regulations to prevent facing similar challenges in the future.


The unsettling stories from the BBC Panorama investigation emphasize the need for vigilance and thorough research when it comes to mobile home installations. Whether you’re considering a mobile home as an annexe or for any other purpose, obtaining the correct planning permission is paramount. By learning from the mistakes of others, you can safeguard your investment, avoid legal troubles, and enjoy the benefits of your mobile home without the threat of eviction or financial loss.

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