Positive news for homeowners as house prices rise

Annual House Prices Rise and Growth Returns to positive

nationwide house prices grow
We’re delighted to share some positive news for homeowners across the UK.  Recent Nationwide figures show that annual house prices rise and growth has returned to positive territory for the first time in over a year.  Commenting on the figures, Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s Chief Economist, said:

“UK house prices rose by 0.7% in February, after taking account of seasonal effects. This resulted in an improvement in the annual rate of house price growth to 1.2% in February, from -0.2% the previous month. House prices are now around 3% below the all-time highs recorded in the summer of 2022, after taking account of seasonal effects.

“The decline in borrowing costs around the turn of the year appears to have prompted an uptick in the housing market. Indeed, industry data sources point to a noticeable increase in mortgage applications at the start of the year, while surveyors also reported a rise in new buyer enquiries.

Positive Signs for Homeowners

This positive news, following a period of relative stagnation, is a welcome sign for homeowners looking to add value to their properties.

Here at NAPC, we understand that extending your living space can be a fantastic way to unlock the potential of your property, increase its value and make it easier to look after your elderly loved ones, closer to home.

Multi Generational living and its benefits

Multi-generational living has numerous benefits for both younger and older generations, fostering stronger family bonds, providing emotional support, and potentially reducing childcare costs. Additionally, it can alleviate the financial burden of separate housing arrangements, allowing families to share resources and expenses.

We’re also aware that getting annexe planning permission can seem daunting and come at a significant cost.

Reduce annexe and garden room planning application costs

We now offer homeowners the opportunity to write and submit their own annexe planning application for a significantly reduced fee compared to our usual consultancy services. This is perfect for those who are comfortable taking the lead on their project but would still benefit from a helping hand in the form of a pre-written framework document to help you on your way.  The framework can be tailored using your own information, while providing you with the assistance you need to navigate the annexe planning permission process and increase your chances of a successful application.

As we mentioned earlier, the benefits of an annexe or garden room extend far beyond just adding value to your property. As our loved ones age, their needs can change, and sometimes living independently can become a challenge. Building an annexe or garden room for them on your property can offer a cost-effective and emotionally rewarding solution to help them maintain their independence and dignity. While still enabling them to be close to family for support and companionship.

If you’re looking to extend your living space and add value to your property, but the cost of a full planning consultancy service is out of reach, then our new proposition could be the perfect solution for you. Click here to find out more about submitting your own annexe or garden room planning application, with our framework document, designed just for homeowners like yourself!

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