Graduate Planner’s Journey into Annexes: Diary entry 2

A Graduate Planner’s Journey into Annexes: Diary entry 2

Hi everyone! I’m Joe, back again in Diary Entry 2 here to update you with my graduate planner’s journey into Annexes blog! As a recent graduate with a passion for urban planning. Joining NAPC as a Graduate Planner offered me the exciting opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real-world projects, particularly in the niche area of annexes.

graduate planner's journey into annexes

From Textbooks to Annexes: A Graduate Planner’s Learning Curve

My degree equipped me with a strong foundation in spatial planning and planning law. Now, at NAPC, I’m actively putting these skills to use as I delve into the world of annexes. This involves analyzing planning permission requirements for these additional living spaces and navigating the appeals process if needed. Focusing on this specific area allows me to develop my expertise in a way that directly impacts families.

From Theory to Teamwork: Contributing as a Graduate Planner

Having witnessed the challenges families face when caring for elderly relatives, I truly believe in NAPC’s mission to promote multi-generational living through annexes and garden rooms. This approach offers significant benefits for families across generations, enhancing overall quality of life.

In my first month at NAPC, I’ve gained valuable experience in the day-to-day operations of a planning consultancy. A significant portion of my initial tasks has involved crafting planning statements for clients seeking permission for annexes. These statements are then submitted to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

Beyond statements, I’ve also been involved in on-site reports to identify potential locations for annexes, considering both opportunities and constraints. Additionally, I’ve facilitated communication with specialist consultancies for site surveys, which fulfil specific requirements set by Planning Authorities for granting permission.

Looking Forward: Building a Career in Annexes

I’m proud to say I’ve quickly developed proficiency in these tasks and responsibilities, and I’m eager to continue learning and growing as a planner at NAPC. I look forward to acquiring new skills and taking on even more challenging projects within the dynamic realm of annexes.

Here is my previous blog about my career so far at NAPC.

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