Becoming a Town Planner – Diary entry 2

Becoming a Town Planner – Introduction

I was excited to join NAPC as a Town Planner. As I wanted to put the knowledge and skills I had learned from my degree to use in a real-life professional role.

Elements of my degree regarding spatial planning and planning law have become very prominent in this role, such as looking at planning permission for annexe projects and the appeal process. I found this sector of planning interesting, so I am glad I can work in a role that focuses on something I enjoy, as well as being able to demonstrate the skills I have learned.

My Town Planner role at NAPC

Having witnessed first-hand the pressure that caring for elderly relatives can have on families; I am glad to be working for a company that aims to help families by promoting multi-generational living with the creation of annexes and garden rooms. It is something I believe will benefit a lot of people from multiple generations and improve their quality of life.

Now that I have completed my first month here at NAPC, I am learning the fundamentals of working for a planning consultancy. My prominent roles for my first few weeks have been to be responsible for completing planning statements for clients wishing to gain planning permission for annexes and submitting these to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

Other tasks I have been responsible for include working on-site reports to identify opportunities and constraints for potential annexe site locations and contacting specialist consultancies to arrange site surveys for conditions set by Planning Authorities to allow planning permission to be granted.

Looking forward as a Town Planner

These are skills and responsibilities I have quickly become very competent with and will continue to develop and progress on.

I am looking forward to what further skills and responsibilities I will work and develop here at NAPC.

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