What to do if your annexe or garden room is refused

Planning permission for a granny annexe or garden room may be refused for a number of reasons, but all is not lost.

What could be the reason for the refusal?

If planning permission is declined for improvements such as extensions, annexes or garden buildings it could be for a number of reasons.

In short it could be impact on neighbours, the size of the annexe, the number of rooms it has or the level of facilities.

What are my options?

In many cases your Local Planning Authority (LPA) just want to see clarifications or adjustments made to the application.

NAPC can review what was previously submitted and make any suggestions to ensure the proposals are more acceptable.

We can also provide robust planning statements which justify the proposal against national and local planning policy, backed up by case law and appeal precedents, therefore, giving the LPA confidence they can approve the application.

If the above route is not appropriate, you have the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

NAPC offers an appeal service for homeowners struggling with refused planning applications.

NAPC’s Planning Appeal Service

NAPC will first review the submission made to your LPA and the decision notice. From this, our expert planning consultants will be able understand the LPA’s justification for refusing the application and decide on the best strategy for the appeal and what areas to focus on.

NAPC will provide persuasive appeal statements drawing on our many years of experience, wealth of knowledge and invaluable resources such as case law and appeal precedents.

When it comes down to communication, we will lodge the appeal and deal with any correspondence from the Planning Inspectorate and LPA– so there is less to worry about.

NAPC will monitor the appeal and attend any site visits if necessary. When the appeal decision is issued we can review and if dismissed for any reason (we hope that won’t be the case) advise on next steps and further options (there are always more).

If you have had your annexe or garden room refused please don’t worry, contact the experts at NAPC and we can advise and assist you with the next steps.

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