Worthing Granny Annexe

NAPC have recently gained the approval for a 37.5 sqm granny annexe, that lies within the grounds of a Grade II Listed Building.

A previous application for this granny annexe within West Sussex had been refused, therefore it was our job to assess the previously submitted plans, and advise the client of solutions to overcome the refusal.

Planning Application for the Erection of a timber single storey granny annexe for ancillary use to the main dwelling was refused on 26th November 2021.

The reason for refusal was as follows:

“The proposed annexe, by virtue of its siting, scale and design, would not be a sympathetic addition within the grounds and setting of the listed buildings. Due to its scale and proximity to the listed building, where it would be sited on higher ground, it would not create a sufficiently subservient relationship with the dwelling, Consequently, the proposed annexe would be harmful to the setting of the listed building and this identified harm is not outweighed by any public benefits. In these respects, the proposals”.

After taking this into consideration, NAPC advised the following alternations to be made so that the annexe would be accepted by the council.

Firstly the proposed sqm back in 2019 was 48.6sqm, so we had advised to reduce this to 37.5sqm, plus eliminate the second bedroom. Furthermore, the annexe has been moved further from the western boundary, to protect neighbouring amenity.

NAPC also suggested some additions to the annexe including addition of native hedging to the north and western boundary, and an addition of bat box on annexe.

Alongside the submission, we included a personalised letter from the applicant to explain their situation and need for the annexe. For this particular couple, the applicants had moved their elderly parents into their own dwelling,  however due to heightened needs for care, proved too difficult to continue this.

Our clients and the NAPC team are extremely happy announce this new submission gaining the seal of approval, and the build will now commence.

If you have a project that you believe maybe tricky to secure approval, please drop NAPC a message. We’ll happily look over your case and advise accordingly.


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