Is An Annexe Just For Granny?

The primary reason to build an annexe is usually for the occupation of an elderly relative, however, the possibilities of using the space is endless. Find out in this blog the several uses an annexe could have, and how it could help in your day-to-day life.

A Granny Annexe:

So yes, still one of the most common reasons of building an annexe is for a place of residence for elderly family members, usually those requiring the care and support of their family.

An annexe is a great alternative to a care home and is far more sustainable. Additionally, post Covid-19, having parents or family members close by eases the mind of many. It allows for in-home child care, companionship, lowered cost of living, and less reliance on state care provision. But, more importantly, there’s the peace of mind of knowing that if and when care is needed, it can be readily provided within the family and household.

NAPC helps approve the build of these Granny- Annexes by contacting local authorities with plans, and drawings of the proposed builds.

Independent Living:

For people with a learning disability, appropriate accommodation has a strong impact on their safety and overall quality of life, while also reducing social exclusion. However, many people with a disability do not have a choice about where they live or who they live with.

At least 50% of all adults with learning disabilities still live at home with parents or family members.

An Annexe can give adults living with a disability the independence, yet still allowing parents peace- of – mind knowing they’re on the doorstep if needed. The beauty of an annexe is that you have the tools to adapt the space whether this be ramps, additional rails or accessible toilet facilities.

Young Adults:

Young adults should be given the opportunity to trial life away from home, especially those that choose not attend University. In fact, the Office for National Statistics found that over the past 20 years, there has been a 46% increase in the number of 20-34 year olds living with their parents.

The rising costs of today means it becomes increasing harder for young people to move out, so why not enjoy life at a reduced cost within a garden-annexe? A great way of saving money to get onto the housing ladder.

An annexe may be of interest to blended families or to individuals going through a divorce.

Other Uses:

It’s really down to you, from the world of work from home or just a chilled snug to relax in. Maybe you have teenage children that are desperate for a games or music room that can be away from the main house.

Home Cinemas, Home Gyms, Beauty Studios or simply that extra option for storage – the space is yours.

An annexe also makes for great private accommodation for friends or family, especially during those busy periods like Christmas.

At NAPC we specialise in obtaining planning permission for annexes and garden rooms. So if you are looking at options or would like assistance with your application, simply contact one of our planning experts using the contact us form.


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