The Benefits of Multi-generational Living

Whilst we, in the UK, are coming out of the other side of the Covid 19 pandemic, the enormity of the last couple of years has brought to light the importance of family.

Many of us were stuck at home with family miles away and elderly relatives or those more vulnerable living in sheltered accommodation and care homes with limited, if any, visiting allowed for months on end.

It is no doubt that people have re-evaluated their priorities throughout the global pandemic and the idea of multi-generational living to support elderly has been considered by many families.

What have NAPC seen?

NAPC have seen first-hand how multi-generational living has made a big difference to families.

A ‘Granny Annexe’ provides the perfect solution for those who recognise that the extra support from family is needed, whilst still wanting to retain some independence.

There are many benefits to multi-generational and annexe living:
  • Financial Benefits – often releasing equity in a house by downsizing, reducing the need on state funded care (whether within private residence or care home/sheltered housing). Able to share household bills. Adding value to a property.
  • Care Benefits – reduces the need for additional care costs; works both ways as grandparents can often look after children as well.
  • We all experienced social isolation during the pandemic, and it was much harder for those who were less able to get out and about which subsequently had a huge effect on mental health and loneliness.
  • Homeowner responsibility – families can share the load when it comes to household chores and gardening etc. With the rise to the cost of living, this also has a knock-on financial benefit.
  • Safety – If either are away at work or on holiday, there is someone on hand to look after the house (and any pets!)
  • Independency – a separate granny annexe still allows privacy, but with the comfort of knowing someone will always be on hand to help if needed.

Due to the increase of relatives moving in with family, we have seen a big rise in applications for planning permission.

The granny annexe is a relatively quick solution without the need to look for a new home and go through an often-stressful house sale / chain and avoids the astronomical cost of a care home.

If you are interested in exploring the idea of a granny annexe, please feel free to get in contact with one of our experts at NAPC and see how we can help you.

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