Living in a Green Belt or Listed Building and need annexe planning?


Do you live in a Green Belt or a Listed Building and need annexe planning permission? Planning to build an annexe on your property? Concerned about green belt or listed building status? One way to confidently navigate challenges is by applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness (CoL) for a mobile home, alongside a planning application for an annexe. In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of a dual planning application approach as a safety net for your plans.

The Benefits of a Dual Application Approach and Fallback Position if you live in a green belt or listed building and need annexe planning permission

live in a green belt or listed building

An explanation of the process involved

Certain sites are subject to planning and landscape designations, which can affect the process of obtaining planning permission. Designations are imperative to safeguard areas that hold considerable environmental, cultural, or historical worth.Designations such as these aim to balance the need for development, whilst preserving valuable resources. Here are some designations that can hinder planning applications:

Conservation Areas
Listed Buildings
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
Green Belt
National Parks
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Flood Zones
Sites with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Each LPA evaluates every proposal, considering the impact on the area’s character and designated features. Extra assessments or conditions may be required and permission refusal is possible if a negative impact on the area is found.

A Certificate of Lawfulness (CoL) provides legal confirmation that a proposed development follows planning regulations, regardless of site designations. At NAPC, we use a ‘dual application approach’ by filing a traditional planning application along with a CoL application based on the siting of a mobile home (caravan) simultaneously.

Some building providers construct annexes or garden rooms that fit the legal definition of a caravan. When the LPA is satisfied the structure adheres to the caravan definition and does not result in a change of land use, they will grant a CoL. So long as this CoL is granted before the related planning application determination it serves as a robust fallback position. Additionally, suppose the site falls under specific landscape designations mentioned earlier or the LPA deems the planning application inconsistent with local planning policies. In this case, the presence of an approved CoL becomes a crucial factor that the LPA considers during the planning application assessment.

How this approach can be useful

At NAPC, our planners recognize the importance of adopting dual application strategies in areas with strict planning regulations. We’ve seen cases where the LPA didn’t support a client’s planning app despite approving the CoL.ent planning application was submitted for development on green belt land within the grounds of a listed building. The local planning authority (LPA) conducted a thorough assessment of the situation and concluded that the previously approved fallback position, as established in the CoL, did not warrant withholding planning permission due to potential impacts on the green belt or the listed building. Consequently, the full planning application was approved by the LPA.

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